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2019 Board of Directors Open Positions for Nominations

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The Call for Nominations is now open for the 2019 election of Board of Directors officers. We are seeking nominations for the office of for Vice President, Treasurer, Member at Large and a Nominating Committee Member. The term for each position is 3 years. All elected individuals will begin serving at the February 2020 Affiliate meeting.

Please read our Affiliate Bylaws for a description of the offices. They bylaws can be found at

According to our Affiliate Bylaws the Vice President shall:

a.    Perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve.

b.    Succeed to the office of President should the office become vacant during an unfinished term.

c.    Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President.

d.    Coordinate arrangements and program components of Affiliate meetings.


According to our Affiliate Bylaws the Treasurer shall:

a.    Perform all duties commonly incident to and vested in the office of Treasurer of corporation, as well as all duties delegated by the President, including, but not limited to the administration of fiscal and financial policies of the Affiliate.  This includes filing all required tax documents, as required by the IRS rules, including that a Form 990 is prepared if the Affiliate has more than $25,000 in annual income.

b.    Supervise the maintenance of accurate corporate books.

c.    Act as custodian of the funds of the Affiliate.

d.    Present itemized financial reports at each meeting of the Affiliate.

e.    Be responsible for systematic collection of annual Affiliate dues, whether from members or from ACNM.

f.     Maintain a list of members with ACNM and Affiliate dues currently paid.

According to our Affiliate Bylaws the Nominating Committee shall: 

 a. Consist of three (3) active members that shall be elected.
b. Each member shall serve a term of three years.
c. No member shall serve more than one term.
d. One (1) committee member shall be elected each year at the annual election.
e. Following the meeting at which the election is declared, the committee shall
    choose a Chairperson from the members who have served on the committee
    for one year.
f. Members of the nominating committee may not run for an elected office.


Members-at-Large are voting members of the Board of Directors who work to conduct the business of the Board as described in the Affiliate bylaws. Members-at-Large may serve as liaisons to Affiliate committees and/or task forces.

To access the Affiliate bylaws, go to and click on “For Midwives” then “Members Only.” Your user ID is your ACNM number and your password is your last name followed by your ACNM number.

The nominating period will close on Friday, November 22, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (30 days). If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, please send the following information to Kathy Higgins, CNM, MS, Chair of the Nominating Committee at






ACTIVE AFFILIATE MEMBER? YES OR NO (note that only active members of the Affiliate will be considered as nominees)

A Biographical paragraph of candidate that will be posted for voter’s review on Affiliate website

Thank you in advance for supporting your Affiliate!!!

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