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NC Midwives sponsor the salary of Guillet Eleus, Midwives for Haiti!

  • North Carolina Nurse Midwives sponsor Midwives for Haiti Graduate!  With a great show of support for global maternal health efforts, NC Affiliate members pledged to cover the salary of Guillet Eleus in Hinche, Haiti!  His salary is $4,120 annually, and we have a Friend of Midwives who has matched our Affiliate donations received by July 31, 2015.  Our total raised was over $4,800!  Congratulations, and Thank you NC Midwives!

  • Guillet Eleus began his role as a Skilled Birth Attendant (SBA) at Ste. Therese Hospital in August 2015.  Originally from Leogane (the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake), he graduated from our 6th Class and says, "I think that all of my fellow midwives understand that mamas and babies come first." 

Guillet will provide quality maternal care to the women and infants of the Central Plateau and will manage about 165 births annually. His monthly salary is $320, and his annual salary (including the customary holiday bonus) is $4120.

Midwives for Haiti trains Haitian nurses to provide maternity care in the poorest region of the Western Hemisphere.  75% of women in Haiti birth without ANY skilled attendant!  Midwives for Haiti is a non-profit organization providing education and training so that Haitians will have what they need to care for their own communities!  Volunteers are always needed, as well as financial support for the programs that are making great improvements in the region.  Visit Midwives for Haiti for more information.

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