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2016-2017 NCACNM Scholarship Application now available!!

 The North Carolina ACNM Affiliate offers scholarships to qualified CNM students. Application is required, and more information is available below. 

 The NCACNM scholarship this year will provide financial assistance to attend the ACNM Annual Meeting this spring in Chicago, IL from May 21-25, 2017. The funds will go towards all/or a portion of the successful applicants’ registration and travel. Please be sure that you can commit to attending the annual meeting before submitting your application for assistance. The NCACNM asks that scholarship recipient(s) share their experience of the Annual Meeting at a subsequent meeting. If a recipient cannot travel to a meeting, she/he many submit a report or reflection in writing that will be shared with the NCACNM.




1. Applicant must be a current student of a recognized CNM education program and be planning to practice as a CNM in North Carolina after graduation

2.  Applicants must submit a completed application that includes:

 a.                     A completed NCACNM Scholarship Application

 b.                     Validation from a school representative that the applicant is currently enrolled and in good standing in a CNM program.

 Send the completed two-part application to:

 Rhonda Lanning, Chairperson of the NCACNM Scholarship Committee


 The deadline for application this year is January 6, 2017.

 The recipient(s) of the scholarships will be announced at the winter NCACM meeting. Recipients will be notified by email if not in attendance at that meeting.  All recipients must continue as an active CNM student through the academic year.  If for any reason they withdraw as an actively enrolled student, the scholarship recipient must refund the full amount of the scholarship.


Scholarship recipients may re-apply during their second academic year.