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NC ACNM Board of Directors (term ends)

President (2018)

Suzanne Wertman

Vice President (2021)

Nona Smith

Secretary (2018)

Carey Jefferson

Treasurer (2019)

Ben Kitchin

Member at Large (2021)

Shannon Maaske

Member at Large  (2021)

Alice Ann Hermananson

Member at Large (2018)

Margaret Marsden

  Standing Committees

  Nominating Committee
      Chair -  Kathy Higgins
Amanda O'Briant, Shirley Bush, Shannon Maaske (board)
  Marketing & Media
      Chair - Carey Jefferson
Suzanne Wertman (board)
      Chair- Rhonda Lanning.
Erica Welch, Heather Helton, Ben Kitchin (board)
  Program/Event Committee
    Chair - Alice Ann Hermanson.
Emily Joubert, Elke Bachmann, Katy Dunning, Connie Dewees, Shelly Benfield, Margaret Marsden (board)
  Legislative & State Policy
      Chair- Lisa Ross.
Suzanne Wertman (board), Katie Calvillo, Nancy Harman, Jane Gledhill, Connie Dewees, Beth Korb, Jennifer Perry-Hidalgo, Becky Yates, Becky Bagley, Maureen Darcey, Pam Reis, Elke Bachmann, Elaine Berberich
  Out-of-Hospital Birth Committee
      Chair - Belinda  LaShea.
Carey Jefferson (board), Olivia Marshburn, Alice Ann Hermanson, Michelle Rhude, Tracy Cipperly-Beasley, Tanya Bailey, Ami Goldstein, Maureen Darcey, Nicole Winecoff, Marcia Ensminger, Jewel Whitmer
      Chair - Jaci Schmid.
Lisa Nona, Rhonda Lanning, Alice Ann Robertson (board)
      Chair - Rebeca Moretto.
Katie Calvillo, Cherese Infanito,Ben Kitchin (board)
      Bobbi Kimsey

NCACNM member representatives 

to outside agencies/organizations

Midwifery Joint Committee: Aimee Feste, Sarah Dumas
PQCNC/NC Partnership for Maternal Safety:  Ami Goldstein
NCNA CAPN:  Katie Calvillo
DHHS Perinatal Health Strategic Plan: Carey Jefferson
NCAPRN Legislative Strategy Committee:  Suzanne Wertman, Lisa Ross